Obama’s weakening support in California

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President Obama's handling of the economy in the United States has paved way for the marked decline in his popularity, even in a state like California, which is a traditional Democratic stronghold. Although his chances of winning California in his re-election are pretty high, field poll states that the number of people who will vote for him in the forthcoming elections are only marginally higher than those who will not. According to experts, these results of the field poll are indicative of the fact that Obama is losing support nationwide.

According to the current Field Poll, on which this analysis is based, only 46 per cent of the voters approve of the work that he has done since taking over the office from 2009. Incidentally, this percentage is only two percentage points more than those who do not approve of his measures and his stand. Added to this is the fact that overall popularity ratings of Obama has declined from 54 per cent by double digit figures, with most of those not disapproving him belonging to the group of African Americans, non partisans, Asian Americans, Democrats and those who are above 65 years of age. Given that these were his strongholds, it is definitely a matter of great concern.

Incidentally, the gap between those who do not want to reelect him and those who want to reelect him is not much. According to the recent field polls, 49 per cent want to reelect him in the next elections but this number is only five percentage points more than those who do not want to reelect him. What makes the situation more alarming are the reasons people have for wanting to reelect him. Most people interviewed believe in not wanting a Republican candidate as their president. In fact, Democratic supporters believe that there is no greater tragedy than a Republican president, which is the reason why they have decided to support Obama. Added to this is the fact that there is no Democratic alternative to Obama, which again makes him and his politics acceptable to people.

Despite this reasoning, you cannot avoid the fact that Obama’s overall popularity ratings are declining. With unemployment becoming a major problem and the economy not really perking up, it is no surprise that most people in California do not approve of his policies and politics. His lenient approach towards Republicans, where he believes it is best to work with them instead of against them, is another point which has caused his popularity to take a dip. Such politics along with his handling of the situation in Afghanistan are all going impact his chances in the coming elections.

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Obama’s weakening support in California

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Obama’s weakening support in California

This article was published on 2011/10/03
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