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Plantation blinds have become a very popular choice in a stylish window treatment item among many style conscious homeowners of today and among many individuals they are known by the name of wood shutters. This name however could very well seem to be misleading to some people because even though they can in fact be found in many different beautiful wood choices, unique designs and decorative styles, you can also find a wide selection in several other durable and appealing materials. There are still others who would rather refer to them simply as shutters that are made for the interior windows.

One of the most popular choices in materials that many homeowners choose in plantation blinds is in the durability that can be found in faux woods or composite wood. Vinyl is another material that is popular among a large amount of individuals and this is because they are scratch resistant and they offer you the advantage of extreme durability. One of the unique benefits about both of these durable materials is the fact that they also give the homeowner the assurance of having water resistant protection.

This type of window shade can offer an amazing and unique new look because of the fact that plantation blinds are designed specifically to attach on the inside of the windows of your home. This means that you can also benefit from the ability they have to completely change the overall look of the entire room that they are placed in. The unique look that is offered from the large louvers that are used in their making is a look that can easily blend in with any type of style you have chosen for the décor of your home. Whether you are decorating in antique design, modern or contemporary, Victorian, rustic, or any other interior design choice, you can be assured that this is the perfect addition to any décor selection.

One of the most enjoyed factors in choosing plantation blinds is the fact that there are so many different options that you can choose from. The louver sizes featured on the shades can be chosen in a variety of different sizes to compliment your individual taste in design. Many choices are available in either mountable styles that go on the inside or outside of the window, a variety of single paneled choices, numerous color selections, and they even offer elegant and stylish choices in the unique arch designs.

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Plantation Blinds

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This article was published on 2010/04/03