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There are many conditions that can bring about misery in human beings from those of abject poverty to incurable illnesses which go on and on for years, depriving the person in question of any joy or real hope though perhaps this always reminds. It being this factor which provides those who suffer, the will to carry on or perhaps more importantly; a reason for wanting to do so. As they see a light or a possibility that there in fact is an exit which will lead them out of their despair even if this but the end of life itself. Of course, there are also those who choose their own misery. As they neither posses the will to leave a certain situation, perhaps being held back by fear of what may or occur or they continue in the hope that it may turn to their advantage; though perhaps deep down they are all too aware that this will probably not be the case. All of which perhaps applying to the characters in our story. As they are trapped by their desires for that which they did not have the courage to take or renounce yet could not find it in themselves to simply walk away from. This creating a situation of perhaps the deepest misery imaginable. As they practically took to the ways of making each other as well as themselves suffer.

Our story begins in a small town in New Jersey which is so similar to any other in this state that its name does not really matter as much as the sort of place it is. It being a typical suburban town without much ever occurring that maybe considered news worthy outside of the lower income community which for the most part is a place where its inhabitants spend the night before going to work in New York City. As it is to Manhattan where they even go whenever seeking anything in the way of entertainment or social life of any kind.

It being in this small town where Joanna Kinsley managed the travel agency her husband set her up in as soon as they got married. Joanna, for her part being one whose maiden name in fact was Popławska. Joanna, having immigrated to the United States 10 years prior to the start of our story from her native Poland in search of new opportunity. Joanna, for the most part was a woman who most would consider attractive given her over all figure. Her standing at a height of 173 cm with large breasts and shapely legs. All accompanied by a face which though not extraordinary in beauty was at least pleasant to look at with nice features that include a straight nose and green eyes which she maintained were blue though the reality was that it was hard to really tell one way or the other.

Joanna, for the most part presented a lovely image of a sensual woman, who in fact was not exceptional in beauty regarding anything in particular yet overall was very attractive even if in all reality which few ever really noticed; hers was a common face made beautiful by a smile and expressions which had sadness about them. It being this factor which in a way elevated her face to a beauty rarely seen in how it could almost make her face and body radiate an inner tenderness which made her ever desirable in its sadness which many misinterpreted for joy. It being precisely this which they felt in her presence while she could never experience the same.

It is on a sweltering hot day in the month of June that we find Joanna working in her travel agency as that is how it was known to the public as well as her employees which numbered two. One of them being, Juan Garcia who in fact was American born yet of parents who like Joanna had immigrated to the United States though unlike Joanna, who had made her way to the States from Poland; his had done so from Argentina. Juan being very attractive in Joanna’s esteem, who even had dreams that included visions of the two of them being involved in most intense acts of sexuality in places of luxury such as yachts as well as most exclusive night clubs.

Juan having slightly darker skin than her own which given the many hours he spent on the beaches had gone even darker, to give him a most pleasant brown tone which Joanna could not help but stare upon sometimes to the point that she feared being caught in the act by Juan, himself. Juan apart from having skin which though not really dark was basically that of the average South American or at least what most Americans perceived as such, had lovely features for a man which included a nose which was perfect in being both straight as well as proportioned. This however being due to the plastic surgery he had had rather than having been born such yet the rest of him was all natural. All of it, from his brown eyes which like Joanna’s at times gave the appearance of being green like hers did with the color blue, to the rest of his face which was very nice to gaze upon.

Physically speaking Juan, did have a nice body according to many women even if his physique did not include large muscles or height above the average for a South American; his standing at 170 cm. It being the balance many a woman had seen in his body which was neither thin nor fat for that matter while being well proportioned. Specially, when he moved to the sounds of music, sometimes while sitting at his desk at work or dancing in many of the places he often frequented. Juan for his part was a man, who at the age of 43 had done a great deal of traveling. As this basically was the reason he worked in a travel agency, where his Spanish came in useful along with his advanced knowledge of all the computer programs one was forced to be good at if one even hoped to run a travel agency.

Joanna apart from being attracted to Juan, could feel that so too were a lot of her female customers, many of which had also commented; naturally away from his hearing that he too was to their liking. This perhaps being another reason that went beyond Juan’s usual competence which made them always wish to reserve their tickets from him. As Juan, also possessed the gregarious personality which tended to persuade many to go on trips; to places they otherwise might not have gone on. He having enormous passion for traveling and visiting new places which was more then noticeable in his dealings with Joanna’s clients, who definitely sensed this whenever they asked his advice on places they should visit. It being Juan, who in fact had traveled to most of countries he sold tickets to even to Joanna’s native Poland. She having been born in Warsaw, the capital city of her country.

Juan, for what concerned him liked Joanna though in all honesty; it can not be said that he was overly attracted to her. As he found her to be like so many other women he not only knew but had even shared sexual intimacy with. Juan, finding Joanna to be beautiful though with no features about her to make him desire her above many other women who visited their place of work. This both in her personality which he found to be that of a person who was very shy or looks wise. Juan, on this day even being less attentive to Joanna as he watched the football match between Argentina and Nigeria with the typical expectations of the Argentine fan that his country or that of his parents; would easily defeat a team like Nigeria which was not even close in having the football tradition Argentina had.

Joanna, for her part was glad to share in Juan’s joys as he cheered the country of his parents to victory even if through the television which she had allowed him to bring from home; so that he might not miss a single world cup match which was being played in South Africa. Joanna even feeling a connection with Argentina through Juan which she also wished to see win. This also being due to the fact that Poland had not managed to qualify and her knowing full well how happy Juan would be made to see Argentina win the world cup for the third time. This despite her not being a tremendous football fan though her knowledge in the sport did include the name of its legendary head coach, Diego Maradona.


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